Acoustic Emission

Standard process Monitoring with acoustic emission involves the detection and analysis of high frequency noise (acoustic emission or AE) generated by the grinding process. The AE-1000 and the AEMS add-in card for the SB-5500 help reduce air grind time and provide automatic crash protection by using proprietary acoustic detection technology.

SBS now offers two different versions of our AEMS (Acoustic Emission Monitoring System) that provide our customers the capability to monitor their grinding process with exceptional precision. The AE-1000 Acoustic Monitor is a basic control that offers crash protection and one programmable process limit that can be used for Gap elimination or monitoring grind quality. The AEMS add-in card for the SB-5500 control offers more flexibility with a separate Gap and Crash Limit, as well as two additional programmable process Limits. The AEMS product line uses proprietary acoustic sensor technology to monitor the high frequency signals generated on the grinding machine structure during key events in the grinding process. The user can set up the system easily and quickly, and immediately reap the benefits of improved control over the grinding process.

Click on the links below to see our results for AE Grinding and Dressing.
AE Grinding Results
AE Dressing Results



The SBS AE -1000 reduces air grinding time and alerts the operator of crash conditions by using proprietary acoustic detection technology to monitor and analyze the high frequency signals generated…

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External AE Sensors

Schmitt’s standard external acoustic sensor is easily bolted onto the grinding machine using an M6 cap-screw. It is ideal for situations when it can be bolted near to the grinding…

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Fluid AE sensor

The Fluid AE sensor is ideal for situations where a direct AE contact is required in the grinding process. This can be situations where machine design or high frequency bearing,…

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In-Spindle AE Sensor

The in-spindle AE sensors are non-contact and come in two formats. These include a telescopic type and spiral-cable type. The telescopic type has a slide tube to facilitate installation and…

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Internal Balancers

The Internal Balancer is a preferred choice by many European grinding machine builders. This balancer type is designed to fit inside the grinding spindle, in a bore supplied by the…

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Mini AE sensor

The Mini AE sensor is useful where space is at a premium, or direct contact with the rotating part of a grinding or dressing spindle is necessary but a spindle…

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SB-55xx Series Controllers

SBS strengthens its reputation as the world leader in automatic dynamic balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry with the SB-5500 controller. With its all-digital electronic design, compact size…

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