Auto Balancing

Auto balancing solution is elegantly simple: a computer control panel, a vibration sensor, spindle mounted adapter and a balance head (either external or internal to the spindle).

Automatic Balancing enables the operator to ensure proper balancing with just the push of a button. The SBS automatic balancing solution is comprised of a computer control unit, a vibration sensor, and spindle-mounted adapter and a balance head (in either external or internal configurations). Once activated, sensors attached to the grinding machine detect and measure the imbalance and transmit this signal to the control unit, which automatically adjusts the position of counterweights inside the balance head to automatically and dynamically eliminate the vibration of the machine.

In order for the wheel of a grinding machine to accurately cut, produce smooth surface finishes, and generate correct part geometry, it is necessary to prevent vibration in the grinding process. A primary cause of vibration during grinding is the existence of imbalance in the grinding wheel. This is often due to the heterogeneous nature of the grinding wheel, which contains great numbers of unevenly distributed grains, causing intrinsic imbalance. This imbalance can be compounded by eccentric mounting of the wheel, varying width of the wheel, imbalance in the arbor, and coolant absorption into the wheel. Considering all these factors, even a carefully established initial balance will not last long. Furthermore, due to wear and dressing, the rotational dynamics of a grinding wheel are always changing. For these reasons, dynamic balancing of grinding wheels has long been recognized as an important step in the production process.


External Balancers

Fully automatic operation means you no longer need to pre-balance grinding wheels, and eliminates the need for awkward equipment, which only does part of the job. Fully automatic operation means…

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The Hydrokompenser is the original automatic balance system, designed for high-speed applications. The system is now manufactured in the U.S. Individual grinding wheels or grinding wheel assemblies can be balanced…

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Internal Balancers

The Internal Balancer is a preferred choice by many European grinding machine builders. This balancer type is designed to fit inside the grinding spindle, in a bore supplied by the…

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SB-1000 Controller

The SB-1000 is an easy to use, compact dynamic balancing system that provides full functionality, including both an automatic and a manual balancing mode, at an entry-level price. This single…

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SB-55xx Series Controllers

SBS strengthens its reputation as the world leader in automatic dynamic balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry with the SB-5500 controller. With its all-digital electronic design, compact size…

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View a movie of the SB-5500 Grinding wheel balancer on a centreless grinder