Manual Balancing

Manual balancing consists of a manual balance control unit, a vibration sensor and a RPM sensor.

Manual Balancing permits the operator to balance the wheel before operation by adjusting two or three movable balance weights that are placed in grooves in the wheel flange or wheel hub, and which can be independently positioned. Consisting of a computer control unit, a vibration sensor and an RPM sensor, the SBS manual balancing solution detects and measurement the imbalance, calculates the compensation needed to eliminate the imbalance and guides the operator in manually placing the balance weights at calculated positions. This solution provides a lower cost alternative for dedicated machine tool balancing.


SB-1000 Controller

The SB-1000 is an easy to use, compact dynamic balancing system that provides full functionality, including both an automatic and a manual balancing mode, at an entry-level price. This single…

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Single or Dual Plane Manual Balancing at an Economical Price. The SB-2000 is an easy-to-use, compact manual balancing system offering both one and two plane manual balancing capabilities. It comes…

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SB-55xx Series Controllers

SBS strengthens its reputation as the world leader in automatic dynamic balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry with the SB-5500 controller. With its all-digital electronic design, compact size…

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