Single or Dual Plane Manual Balancing at an Economical Price. The SB-2000 is an easy-to-use, compact manual balancing system offering both one and two plane manual balancing capabilities. It comes in a dedicated machine installation version (SB-2000) and a portable version (SB-2000-P), both at a very low price.

In both versions this control provides exceptional balancing accuracy. It displays up to four digits for vibration and six digits for RPM, and supports a spindle speed range of 30 to 100,000 RPM. With its digital design and intuitive icon-driven user interface, the SB-2000 is simple to set up and easy to use. Five balancing modes are supported (single position, 2-weight, 3-weight, fixed position and circumferential arc) with storage capacity for up to 30 balancing profiles for different machines or setups.

The unit also allows spectrum vibration plots to be generated and stored. The portable SB-2000-P version attaches magnetically to any location for easy setup and use. The SB-2000 dedicated install version allows for CNC/PLC integration and for operators to set alert and alarm limits for tolerance and critical thresholds through the CNC/PLC interface. The USB port allows for exporting of balance data and settings and for updating of unit firmware.

BenefitsTechnical DataManualsDatasheetsFirmware
  • Single or dual plane manual balancing
  • Offered in both portable and fixed installation versions
  • Easy to understand language independent symbol-based user interface
  • Five balancing modes (single position, 2-weight, 3-weight, fixed position & circumferential arc)
  • Measurement range of 30 to 100,000 RPM
  • Store over 30 balancing profiles and vibration plots
  • All digital design increases operating life and reliability
  • Economical price
  • Works with SBS fixed installations and accessories
  • Easy CNC/PLC interface; USB 2.0 communication capability for firmware upgrades and retrieving stored data
  • Backed by world-class and worldwide customer service

Physical Features

User Interface
Universal icon-based (language independent)
Active area: 480H x 272V pixel
3.74 inch [95mm] x 2.12 inch [53.86mm]
210mm W x 112mm H x 33mm D
Power Input Requirements
Power Supply
SB-2000: 24 VDC with terminal block connection, and M5 ground stud.
SB-2000-P: 24 VDC with 8 pin M12 connector
Input Voltage
+22 VDC to +26 VDC at 0.75A max.
Surge protected
Negative protected (reverse protected from a non- grounded supply)
Communications Interfaces
1 – USB 2.0
SB-2000: CNC/PLC hardwire interface (opto-isolated outputs)
Safety and Environmental
CE certified
RoHS compliant
Environmental and Installation Conditions
Installation category I
IP54, NEMA 12
Environmental temperature range
5°C to +55°C
0 to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing) throughout temperature range


Balance methods supported
Circumferential Weight
Single weight is positioned around rotor circumference.
Single Point
Single weight is positioned on the rotor face.
2 and 3 Slide Weight
2 or 3 repositionable weights on a fixed diameter.
Fixed Positions
Multiple polar positions where weight can be positioned.
RPM Reporting
30 to 100,000 RPM
Wide Vibration Range
50 μg to 1.25g
Vibration Display Resolution
Four digit display, with display resolution to 0.001μm
Vibration Display Repeatability
6,000 RPM ±1% @ 5.0 μm
30 – 100,000 RPM ±2% @ 50:1 signal to noise
Vibration Display Accuracy
6,000 RPM ±2% @ 5.0 μm
30 – 100,000 RPM ±4% @ 50:1 signal to noise
Balance Resolution
0.02 microns displacement at 6,000 RPM
Custom digital filter has bandwidth
+/- 7% 0-40,000 RPM
+/- 14% 40,000+ RPM
SB-2000/SB-2000P Datasheet