SB-55xx Series Controllers

SBS strengthens its reputation as the world leader in automatic dynamic balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry with the SB-5500 controller. With its all-digital electronic design, compact size and larger high resolution detachable display, the SB-5500 provides unsurpassed accuracy (up to 0.02 micron), speed (300-30,000 RPM) and flexibility (four-channel capability).

The SB-5500 is easy to install and easy to use. Quick setups and dynamic graphic displays keep you well informed and in control of the grinding process. Optional virtual screen software lets you see readings on your existing monitor, or detach the display panel for installation where you want it. As an inexpensive and permanent installation, the SB-5500 takes the challenge out of grinding wheel balancing, helping you to improve part quality, increase efficiency, and save money.

BenefitsTechnical DataManualsDatasheetsFirmware
Increases throughput by saving setup time
Improves part quality by automatically balancing to 0.02 micron
All-digital electronic design increases operating life and reliability
Easy to install and operate
Longer life for grinding wheels, dressing wheels and spindle bearing
Works with existing SBS installations
Profibus, Ethernet and USB 2.0 communication compatibility with CNCs and PLCs
International adaptability: voltage, frequency, communication, and display language
Four-channel capability reduces costs by permitting balancing of multiple machines
Backed by world-class customer service

Physical Features

Multiple Device Control
Four (4) available slots accept these control cards:
SB-5512 Mechanical balancers with cable connection
 SB-5518 Hydro Balancers
SB-5522 Acoustic Emissions Monitoring System (AEMS)
SB-5532 Mechanical balancers with non-contact connection
SB-5543 Manual balance control
SB-4500 Compatible
Operates with existing balancers/cables, sensors, CNC/PCL hardwire interface
Type: Color TFT LCD Active area: 480H x 272V pixel 2.74 inch [95mm] x 2.12 inch [53.86mm]
Multi-language Capability
English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Communication Interfaces
Ethernet TCP/IP USB 2.0 Profibus DP CNC/PLC hardwire Interface (opto-isolated outputs)
Power Options
DC or AC
DC Supply
Input 21 VDC to 28 VDC. 5.5A max at 21 VDC. Reverse voltage protected.
AC Supply
100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2A max; 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A max. Main supply voltage fluctuations not to exceed +/- 10% of nominal supply voltage.


RPM Reporting
300 to 30,000 RPM
Wide Vibration Range
50 µg to 1.25g
Vibration Display Resolution
Three user selectable options
  1. 0.1 µm 0.01 mil 0.01 mm/s 1 mil/s
  2. 0.01 µm 0.001 mil 0.001 mm/s 0.1 mil/s
  3. 0.001 µm 0.001 mil 0.001 mm/s 0.01 mil/s
Vibration Display Repeatability
6,000 RPM ±1% @ 5.0 µm 300 – 30,000 RPM ±2% @ 50:1 signal to noise
Vibration Display Accuracy
6,000 RPM ±2% @ 5.0 µm 300 – 30,000 RPM ±4% @ 50:1 signal to noise
Auto-Balance Resolution
0.02 microns displacement at 6,000 RPM
Vibration Filter
Custom digital filter has bandwidth +/- 3% of measurement RPM

Control Model Table

110-220 AC Input 24VDC Input
Balancer Type Front Panel No Panel Front Panel No Panel Profibus
Standard External/Internal SB-5500 SB-5510 SB-5520 SB-5530 Yes
Non-Contact External/ Internal SB-5500-N SB-5510-N SB-5520-N SB-5530-N Yes
Hydro Balancer SB-5500-H SB-5510-H SB-5520-H SB-5530-H Yes
AEMS Monitoring SB-5500-G SB-5510-G SB-5520-G SB-5530-G Yes
Standard External/Internal SB-5501 SB-5511 SB-5521 SB-5531 No
Non-Contact External/ Internal SB-5501-N SB-5511-N SB-5521-N SB-5531-N No
Hydro Balancer SB-5501-H SB-5511-H SB-5521-H SB-5531-H No
AEMS Monitoring SB-5501-G SB-5511-G SB-5521-G SB-5531-G No
Manual Balance SB-5500-M SB-5510-M SB-5520-M SB-5530-M No

Device Control Card Table

Balancer Type Card Number
Standard External/ Internal SB-5512
Non-Contact External/ Internal SB-5532
Hydro Balancer SB-5518
AEMS AE Monitoring SB-5522
Manual Balance Control SB-5543
SB5522 AEMS Card Data Sheets
SB5523 ExactDress Card Data Sheets
SB5500 Series Firmware (1 MB)
Main-r082, Disp-r053, All Balancers-r034, AEMS-r038, EDress-r023, EControl-r027